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Extremely satisfied. Not only physically but more mentally



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Overall, how satisfied are you with our personal training?

Extremely satisfied. Not only physically but more mentally. It has made me more resilient, stronger, more flexible. A healthy mind is healthy body is what I realized at Bulky fitness.

How would you describe what you have experienced?

The gym, the trainers, the environment is just blissful to have a meditative and intense workout.

What made you start personal training?

Given the bulky fitness emphasis on muscle building is the reason that I started personal training.

Why did you choose us?

I was intrigued by a Gym which handles only one client per session. It gave me an insight that the gym wishes to give 100% focus and attention to a client rather than optimize the facility.

After you have experienced our personal training, how would you rate our service and gym?

If I were to grade it out of 10. 10/10. Absolutely no complaints. The gym, the trainers, the equipment, the variations, the graded approach are all just superb.

Has anything changed in your lifestyle as you do training with us?

Better aware of the needs of the body, diet, and confidence to look at the world around.

Give a message to those who are concerned about our personal training!

If you think you cannot do those deadlifts, those squats, weight training your notion and muscling up will change once you experience Bulky Fitness.

At BulkyFitness, we offer advice and suggestions on the best diet for Singapore, as well as an original training menu tailored to your needs. We provide you with the right knowledge and easy body make up so that you can continue your body make up even after you graduate from Bulky.

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半信半疑でしたが、まずは信じてやってみようと思い、Bulky Fitnessを選びました。